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Ontario is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce Made Simple is your go to resource for information about Ontario’s local produce industry, tips and tricks and inspirational recipes.

Asparagus Spotlight – How to Use Local Asparagus When in Season

Asparagus is one of the easiest veggies to prepare! Here are three ways to enjoy it while in season:

  1. Grilling Asparagus – Grilling season and asparagus season serendiptiously kick off around the same time. And we say “serendipitously” because asparagus loves the grill. The subtle and complex sweetness of asparagus is only enhanced by the slight bitterness of a good char
  2. Pickling asparagus – a great way to make the most of the vegetable’s short but brilliant season. And whether you’re looking for a quick refrigerator pickle or something better suited for long term storage, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your pickled crop
  3. Store bought asparagus has the slight drawback of having tough ends. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on freshly harvested asparagus, you’ll likely be able to eat your spears all the way to the end. But for the most part, the asparagus you find at the grocery store will have tough, woody ends. But, believe it or not, you can put those less than tender portions of the spear to good use

From Field to Plate

Do you know how your produce goes from field to plate? There are many stops along the way between the farmer and the grocery store.

The Ontario Food Terminal

The largest wholesale fruit and produce distribution centre (40 acres) in Canada and is a unique asset and public health jewel of Ontario. The terminal site consists of a Farmer’s Market area with 450 stalls, Warehouse units area, office units, a central cold storage that is 100,000 square feet in size, two restaurants and a parking deck providing 550 car-parking spaces while covering 4 acres of Farmers’ Market
stalls. Participants at the Terminal consist of over 5,000 Registered Buyers, 20 Warehouse tenants, 400 Farmers’ Market tenants and 50 Office Tenants
• Over 2.1 Billion pounds of produce distributed annually which is on average 5.7 million
pounds per day
• It is estimated that over one million vehicles enter the Terminal annually
• The OFT is an economic generator, for every dollar of sales, about three dollars was
returned to the Ontario Economy
Read more about the Ontario Food terminal:

Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouse growers are modernizing agriculture by combining innovation with sustainability. Using advanced technologies like automated climate control, integrated pest management, closed-loop water systems and LED lighting, greenhouse farmers can optimize conditions for their crops to growth year-round.
These indoor growing methods enhance crop quality, yield, consistency, and flavor while minimizing resource usage and environmental impact. Greenhouses also offer flexibility in location, enabling farming in urban areas or regions with unfavorable climates. By shortening the supply chain, produce reaches consumers fresher and faster, reducing food miles and spoilage. Moreover, it fosters food security by ensuring consistent production regardless of external factors. Greenhouse growing is an important part of the sustainable future of agriculture.

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