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  • 1 large mango will yield about 2 cups of chopped mango.
  • The juicy flesh of a peeled mango can be hard to hold firmly.  To help stabilize it, slice a little off the bottom of the mango to stop it from rolling as you slice and dice it.
  • Mango juice will stain clothes, so be careful when preparing.
  • Try substituting mangoes for peaches in a recipe.
  • It can be hard to peel a slightly soft mango using a vegetable peeler.  To make it easier, slice a little off the top of the mango.  This will give the peeler an edge to peel from.
  • When mangoes are nice and ripe, the peel will come away from the flesh by just bending it backwards
  • If mangoes are on sale, buy a few, peel and cube the flesh, then freeze for later use in smoothies.



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