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Windmill Farms Logo

From humble beginnings, Windmill Farms has grown to become one of the industry leaders with an extensive distribution network and delivery system in Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.  Shipping fresh mushrooms every day, they are one of Canada’s largest growers of fresh mushrooms and offer a wide selection including popular favourites, organic, specialty mushrooms and even the new Vitamin-D-enriched mushrooms!

Windmill Farms’ research has found that mushrooms respond to light in a similar way to humans and convert the sun’s ray into Vitamin D. Because of the natural levels of Vitamin D found in mushrooms, they synthesize Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight or artificial light. The light increases the Vitamin D in the mushrooms without the use of any additives, supplements or chemicals. Best of all, the Vitamin D remains stable, along with the nutritional value, even after cooking or freezing!  Instead of taking Vitamin D supplements, consider enjoying mushrooms instead!

Described as one of the best managed agricultural businesses in Canada, the team at Windmill Farm employs leading edge technology in all phases of its mushroom production, packaging and distribution facilities ensuring customers receive the finest quality mushrooms every day of the year.  This Canadian company is also committed to ‘green’ technology in the form of  heat recovery systems which significantly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. The engineered process and system controls deliver a consistent output of high quality mushroom compost and further improve mushroom quality standards on their farms.

For more information about how mushrooms are grown, the types of mushrooms, and nutrition facts, visit WindmillFarms.ca.

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