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Valentine's Day on Produce Made Simple

You’ve heard the saying, “Eat the Rainbow”.  Well with Valentine’s Day just around the corner we want you to do more than just decorate with red and pink – we want you to eat and drink your colours too. We are fortunate to have year round access to a wide variety of naturally red foods!

Red fruits and vegetables are healthy for us because their naturally crimson hue is a sign of the antioxidant, lycopene. You’ll find lycopene in watermelon, tomatoes, apricots, and pink grapefruit, to name a few. Fill your plate with red hued fruits and vegetables for some extra nutrition and a burst of colour.

Cranberries are indigenous to the North American continent and these round, red berries are a tasty addition to baking, sauces and preserves. Known for promoting good urinary tract health, cranberry juice is also a popular beverage enjoyed year round.

Pomegranates are another red food that is full of vitamins, flavour and low in calories! To avoid staining your clothes however, check out our tips on how to easily prepare pomegranate.

Strawberries are another fruit that we used to only be able to enjoy for a short summer season. High in Vitamin C, now thanks to locally grown Greenhouse berries from innovative companies like DelFrescoPure, Ontarians are able to buy local strawberries in the winter! However, due to our overwhelming demand for these naturally sweet treats, we also benefit from imported berries from warmer climates. There are so many ways to love strawberries! Try them with cucumbers as a snack, with salad or paired with meat.

Naturally Red Drinks

Red doesn’t have to stop on the dinner plate! Beets and watermelon make a delicious smoothie or juice. For an adult treat, cocktails are especially delicious when mixed with strawberry, raspberry, cranberry or watermelon juice!

Naturally Red Desserts

Skip the food dye and use beets to colour your food! From chocolate beet cake to pink pomegranate sorbet [internal link], you can naturally colour your food with peace of mind. Cherries make a beautiful red fool, and depending on the season, you can use either fresh or frozen cherries to get brightly coloured results!  Of course, fresh strawberries also make simple sweet treats. Try a layered brownie parfait or nutella strawberry bruschetta.  Pairing the sweetness of strawberries with a balsamic glaze is also a new and simply delicious idea.

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