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Nectarine Tips

Nectarine Tips:

  • To remove the pit, cut all around the fruit at the seam and give it a twist.
  • Nectarines will discolour quickly after being cut, so if you aren’t combining them with something acidic, such as lemon juice or salad dressing, quickly dip the fruit in water with a squeeze of lemon and drain well.
  • Sniff a nectarine for ripeness. If they are ripe, they’ll smell like sweet nectar.
  • For the most flavour, nectarines are best enjoyed ripe, at room temperature.
  • Don’t be afraid of firm nectarines! Unlike peaches, nectarines are typically a little firm when ripe. They can be just as sweet as a juicy peach!
  • Grill halves and serve with yogurt and chopped nuts
  • Preserve delicious nectarines by making your own freezer jam! It’s easy and you can create beautiful blends that you could never buy in the store.
  • Use nectarines to add sweetness to smoothies, oatmeal, etc.

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