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Kids need lots of energy to keep them going throughout their day, so give them fun yet nutritious snacks. Here are some packed school snack ideas that are environmentally friendly and garbage-free!

Nut-Free Packed School Snacks Ideas

  • Little finger foods like cherry or grape tomatoes with ranch dressing or hummus in a small container on the side are a hit with the kids.
  • Don’t buy store made dips when it’s so easy to make your own! Produce Made Simple’s Eggplant Dip (Baba Ganoush) is one of our most popular recipes. Enjoy with small carrot and celery sticks.
  • Try making “Ants on a log” with soy or sunflower butter spread into the grooves of celery and add raisins on top.
  • Save money and garbage by buying large tubs of yogurt and packing them in smaller containers to school. It’s cheaper, more environmentally friendly and complies with garbage-free lunch rules!
  • Pack a smoothie for lunch! Make it the night before, freeze it in their regular water container (be sure to leave extra room for freezing), and by the time it’s lunchtime, the smoothie will have thawed and will be smoothie-like for a chilly fruity treat! When you pack it in the morning, wrap it in a clean tea towel or paper towel to soak up any condensation as it warms up.
  • Use silicone cupcake liners as a makeshift divider or veggie cup to keep your kids’ lunchboxes organized.
  • Make healthy treats! Watermelon “cookies” are fun, fast and easy. Just cut out shapes using your favourite cookie cutters and pack in a sealed container.
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