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In the past, parsley was relegated to a role as a simple garnish but today it takes centre stage! Parsley adds a fresh flavour to starchy vegetables like potatoes and squash and is the main ingredient in the popular Middle Eastern salad, Tabbouleh.

Varieties: Although there are more than 30 varieties of parsley around the world, Canadian grocery stores usually only carry Italian flat-leaf and/or curly parsley. While flat-leaf parsley is characterized with a slightly peppery bite, curly parsley has a mild, clean flavour.

To prepare fresh parsley place in a large bowl filled with cold water and gently swish the parsley around to release any dirt. Remove from the water and rinse thoroughly under running tap water. Gently pat the parsley dry.

Since both the leaves and the stem are edible, you can use parsley whole or chop it with a very sharp chef or ceramic knife.

Parsley makes new potatoes shine when you combine them in this easy side dish.


According to the Canadian Nutrient File, nutritional value per 10 sprigs (10 g) of fresh parsley using the daily recommended intake from Health Canada: 205% of Vitamin K, 22% of Vitamin C, 13% of Vitamin A, and 7% of folate. It also has 556ug of lutein, an antioxidant that is reported to be beneficial for maintaining good eyesight.