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Pear Varieties

Green Anjou

  • A firmer variety with a refreshingly sweet flavour and a hint of citrus. A good all-purpose pear for eating fresh and cooking.

Red Anjou

  • A pretty pear, this red variety is moist and slightly sweeter than its green counterpart.


  • One of the most common pears available with a signature pear flavour, abundant juice and a soft ripe flesh. Bartletts are the variety selected for commercially produced juices and preserves.


  • A firmer variety with a woodsy, honey sweet flavour. This pear has naturally occurring brown spots on the skin, known as russeting. These blemishes are normal and do not indicate poor quality. Furthermore, it is fine to eat the skin despite the markings, just like any other pear.

Clapp’s Favourite:

  • Similar in shape to Bartlett, with white flesh and exceptional sweetness. Its skin turns golden yellow when ripe. Available for a short time in the fall.


  • This is a succulent pear with smooth buttery texture and sweet flavour.


  • A crunchy variety with a hint of vanilla.

Flemish Beauty:

  • Is a rounder pear, with thick, clear, yellow skin that’s speckled with red when ripe. The creamy colored flesh becomes meltingly tender when ripe and ready to consume.


  • Crisp, tangy, and refreshingly sweet.


  • A bite-sized pear that’s crunchy and ultra-sweet


  • This red pear gets brighter as it ripens. It is moist, sweet and aromatic.


  • Asian varieties of pear have a similar crispness to an apple, only slightly more delicate. Sweet, and tart, these pears are great for eating out of hand.

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