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Persimmons—Persimon® Variety—Photo Courtesy of PersimonSays.com

Rojo Brillante

Persimon® is the trademark name used to identify the Rojo Brillante persimmon variety grown in Ribera del Xúquer, Spain. Persimon® are bright orange and tend to be larger and longer than other persimmons. They are non-astringent, and are ready to eat when they are firm, and can also be enjoyed when they are soft. The sweet flavour of this variety is mildly reminiscent of peaches and mangos combined.


This non-astringent variety is short and round with a “flattened” shape, like a Roma tomato. They range from being orange to yellow and will soften as they ripen. They can be consumed when firm or soft. Fuyu persimmons are mildly sweet and quite juicy.


These astringent persimmons are larger and more acorn-shaped than other varieties. They must be ripened before they are consumed, otherwise they will impart a very bitter taste. Their flesh when ripened is extremely tender, silky and sweet.

Cut Photo Courtesy of PersimonSays.com

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