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pom on white ss-web-squareTips

  • Pomegranate juice may stain your fingers! Use a cut lemon to get rid of any stains from your fingertips.
  • Adding citrus to your pomegranate juice will add a wonderful complement of flavour!
  • If your pomegranate seeds are too tart, sprinkle a little sugar for a sweeter treat!
  • If you’re adding pomegranate juice to a smoothie, try using honey or date sugar to naturally sweeten the juice.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut the pomegranate, but be careful with cutting so you don’t injure yourself!
  • Separating the pomegranate seeds submerged in a bowl of water is an easy way to de-seed the fruit without splattering juice all over yourself!
  • Use a pomegranate reduction to add as a delicious sauce or marinade for meats like beef, pork or poultry.

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