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Potato Varieties:

While there are literally hundreds of varieties of potatoes grown around the world, the most common to us fall into four categories: long potatoes, round white potatoes, red potatoes, and yellow fleshed potatoes.

Long PotatoesLong potatoes are the most popular. The interior is white, the skin varies from brown and rough to buff-colored and smooth.
Examples: Russet Burbank, Russet Norkotah, Frontier Russet and Shepody
Best Cooking Methods: baked, mashed and French fried

Round WhitesRound whites are usually large, round or oval with light to medium skin and white flesh.
Examples: Superior, Kennebec, Cherokee, and Envol
Best Cooking Methods: boiled, steamed, mashed, French fried, roasted, scalloped, and au gratin

Reds: Red potatoes have rosy red, thin, glossy skins, but otherwise they’re similar to round whites.
Examples: Chieftain, Rideau, Norland and Sangre.
Best Cooking Methods: boiled, steamed, roasted, sautéed, scalloped, and au gratin

Yellow FleshedYellow fleshed potatoes are round or oval in shape with light gold, thin skin and light yellow flesh.
Examples: Yukon Gold, Fabula

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