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The not so humble spud is packed full of goodness.

In a 2013 study about potatoes*, the majority of respondents said that they do not believe potatoes to be “nutritious”, nor “a good source of energy”! Unbelievable! We here at Produce Made Simple know that this incorrect misperception needs to be laid to rest.

Potatoes are naturally fat free and low in calories. A medium sized potato (150 g) is just 110 calories and really helps to satisfy your hunger. You might be surprised to learn that it even has 3g of protein.  Did you know that potatoes are also gluten free? That is of course when they are prepared carefully, without any food cross contamination.

Even more reasons why potatoes are good for you! 

Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, a good source of vitamin C and a source of fibre and folic acid.

Potassium: Move over muscle cramps! Potatoes are among the best natural sources of potassium you can get! A medium sized (150 g) baked spud with the skin has 750 mg of potassium. This is 22% of your daily value requirement.

Vitamin C: One medium potato (150 g) contains 50% of your daily requirement for Vitamin C. However, make sure you don’t cook away the vitamins. Vitamin C is a water soluble, so boil small potatoes whole to trap the “C” inside. If you boil peeled potatoes, the vitamin C will escape from the potato and into the water. If you use this method, we recommend you use the minimum amount of water and then use it in a sauce, gravy, soup or stew. Baking or roasting potatoes with their skin on also keeps the vitamin C in the potato.

Fibre: One medium potato contains 2 g of dietary fibre and by eating the skin, the dietary fibre increases to 2.5 g. Fibre is important to wellness because it improves digestive health and has been shown to prevent some disease and weight gain. Potatoes contain soluble fibre that can be digested by your body. Eating foods that are a source of fibre will help you feel fuller, longer.

Folic Acid: One medium potato contains 5% of Daily Value and if eaten with the skin, the folic acid content increases to 7% of Daily Value.

So go on, enjoy potatoes because they are delicious and satisfying and know that they are also a healthy contribution to your meal.

*The 2013 potato study was a collaboration with the Ontario Potato Board, Loblaw Companies Limited, Downey Farms, the Value Chain Management Centre and George Mitges & Associates.

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