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how to prepare celery root

How to Prepare Celery Root:

It’s easier to peel a celery root with a knife than a peeler.  To do so, cut a slice off both ends of the root so that it stands straight.  Following the curve of the root cut off the brownish skin to expose the white flesh.

Celery root discolours easily.  If you don’t use celery root as soon as you peel and cut it, it will discolour.  To avoid this, soak it in acidulated water (1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar per cup of water) for a few minutes.

You can prepare celery root in a variety of ways, including boiling, deep-frying, roasting, steaming, or even enjoying raw – it’s a great addition to a veggie platter or salad!

1 pound that is trimmed and peeled = about 2 ½ cups chopped

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