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trimmed-turnipsHow to Prepare

To clean turnips, use a soft scrub brush under running water to clean out any soil left in the crevices of the turnips.

Young turnips have a thin, tender skin and do not need to be peeled. You can dice or chop to add to soups, slice for salads, or cut into wedges to roast.

Mature turnips may have a tougher skin that needs to be peeled, but the skin will soften when roasted. However, if boiling, sautéing, or adding to soup, we recommend peeling first.

Quarter, cut into wedges, or chop turnips before steaming, sautéing or roasting to make them cook faster and easier to eat.

Save the greens for a salad or soup and use like any other leafy green like kale or swiss chard.

How to Freeze

First peel and cut the turnips into quarters. Prepare a pot of boiling water and blanch for about 2-3 minutes. Submerge in an ice bath to halt the cooking process. Drain and roughly pat dry. Spread onto a baking sheet and flash freeze. Once frozen, transfer to an airtight bag and use within 9 months.


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