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different ways to prepare rapini

How To Prepare Rapini

Rinse rapini well under cold water, then trim any wilted or yellowing leaves.  The outer stem of rapini can be tough, just like the end of an asparagus stalk.  Here are a couple ways you can prepare rapini:

First, rinse and trim 1/4-inch from bottom of the stems, then:

With a small knife, remove the first big leaf, then peel the stalk if it’s really tough.  Here’s a great video: how to trim and peel rapini

If the stem is thick, slice it in half lengthwise – this will help to cook the thick stem at the same rate as the leafy greens and florets.

Rapini can be left whole or chopped into desired thickness

Once you’ve prepped rapini, it can be boiled, sautéed, braised, steamed, grilled, stir-fried or roasted.  Rapini is best when blanched in well-salted boiling water before being sautéed with other ingredients – this helps to tame the bitterness.  But if you like bitter, than there’s no need to blanch.

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