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Pumpkin varieties

There are many different types of pumpkins, and they all have a different purpose. 

Mini pumpkins and gourds are beautiful and so indicative of fall, but they’re more for decoration than for eating. New decorative varieties that have come onto the market for Halloween in recent years include white “ghost” pumpkins and “fairy tale” pumpkins. 

The big, Jack O’Lantern sized pumpkins are specifically grown to have a sturdy structure to withstand carving and have a large hollow centre for candles. While you can certainly roast and eat those pumpkins, they aren’t as flavourful as other varieties and can be somewhat stringy in texture. 

The best eating pumpkins are smaller, and are known as pumpkin pie pumpkins or sugar pie pumpkins. These are small to medium in size and they have a lovely orange flesh that is sweet and perfect to eat. 

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