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Queen Victoria Produce

Do you love eating fresh, healthy greens like spinach, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and salad? Chances are you’re a fan of Queen Victoria!

Queen Victoria may seem like an odd choice for a brand name of fresh vegetables but when our founders Carelo and Filomena Ippolito first started packaging spinach in clear cellophane bags during the 1930’s in Hamilton, Ontario, they chose this name because they wanted to convey the high quality of their product and loyalty to their new country.

Now a fourth generation family business, Ippolito Fruit & Produce has grown into one of North America’s industry leaders. Millions of products bearing the Queen Victoria name are grown and sold each year. Keep an eye out for their fresh salads and vegetables with a new Peel and Re-Seal packaging. This innovation reduces packaging, extends shelf-life through micro-perfing technology, maintains food security through leading edge tamper-evident engineering, and provides an easy to reseal container once you get it home.

Create Your Plate

The packaging is also designed to inspire home chefs to, “Create Your Plate”. Check your next package of Queen Victoria greens for the simple icons that show all the different ways each product can be prepared.

True to its namesake, The Queen Victoria brand has proved to be a long serving monarch in the world of fresh produce!

Follow Queen Victoria online and through social media for more produce tips and inspiration!

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