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 About radicchio varieties

Radicchio varieties are named after the places from which they are grown. The main ones you’ll see in grocery stores are typically Treviso or Chioggia.

  • Treviso is longer, similar in shape to an endive with white ribs and ranges in colour from light pink leaves to dark red. It’s milder than the round varieties of raddichio.
  • (Photo source: http://www.jmarchinifarms.com/products/radicchio-di-treviso.html)


  • Chioggia [kee-OH-ja] radicchio resembles a small cabbage with dark coloured leaves and white ribs.


  • Verona is also round with loosely packed leaves and white ribs.
  • Tardiva is smaller with long white ribs and thin red leaves.
  • Castelfranco resembles a flower and looks like a blooming lettuce head with flecks of radicchio red colour.


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