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There are so many different radish varieties, but the ones we most commonly find are cherry belle radishes. These radishes have small bulbs with a vibrant pink exterior and white flesh. Cherry belle radishes are sweet and peppery with a wonderful crunch.

French breakfast radishes look similar to cherry belles, but are oblong in shape and have white tips.

Daikon radishes are much larger and longer than other radishes; in fact they can grow up to 1½ feet long! They are usually white in colour, although black ones do exist, and are milder in flavour compared to their pink cousins. Daikon is commonly used in Asian dishes, and is an important part of the base for the famous pho broth in Vietnamese cuisine. It is also enjoyed as a tender vegetable in soups or stews in Chinese cuisine.

Watermelon radishes have a green and white exterior and bright pink interior, hence their watermelon moniker. They are tender crisp and mild, with a slightly peppery bite.

Black radishes are closer to the size of an apple, and have a black/brown exterior and creamy white flesh. They have a strong, heated bite with a slight bitterness. They make wonderful garnishes when sliced thin, by adding a tender crispness and great flavour!

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