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Ramps, Wild Leeks, Wild Garlic

Ramps, otherwise known as wild leeks, wild garlic, or wild onions, are a perennial green that grows in Eastern Canada and the U.S.  They resemble small green onions only with wider, flatter leaves, and each spring they poke through the ground like verdant bunny ears, with their white bulbous end buried deep beneath the ground. These delicious spring gems are delicious grilled or roasted on their own, but here are some flavour pairings to help you with some serving ideas for ramps!

Ramps Goes Well With

Produce: asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, shallots

Dairy: butter, cream, parmesan cheese

Other: bacon, chicken, cured meats, fish, ham, lentils, pasta, prosciutto, rice

Herbs and Spices: chives, black pepper

Alternatively, try one of these classic flavour pairings:

  • Ramps + asparagus + mushrooms
  • Ramps + lentils + pork

Ramp Serving Ideas

  • Cheesy ramp pull-apart bread is perfect for pairing with a spring lasagna and Caesar or garden salad.
  • A spring green skillet is the perfect brunch item or easy weeknight dinner, and the pairing of ramps and chard is both brilliant and seasonal.
  • Ramps are a natural addition to any spring-inspired green risotto, a seasonal comfort food that belongs on the menu of every home cook.
  • Smear wild ramp pesto over pizza crust for a brightened up take on a traditional pie.
  • Use ramps to replace green onions in most recipes.
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