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How to select and store beets

How to Select Beets

Look for firm beets with a regular-shaped root. If the root is oddly shaped it may mean the beet struggled to grow and could be bitter and tough. The beet tops should be healthy and green. Avoid yellow or wilting tops if you plan on eating them. The beet itself should be firm to the touch.  Small- to medium-sized beets can be more tender and will cook more quickly than the larger ones.

Beets come in the traditional red colour but also yellow or a candy-cane striped variety. Try all three types to compare flavour, sweetness, and add extra colour to your dishes.

How to Store Beets

Snip off the greens and store them separately (leaving about an inch of the stem) so that the moisture and nutrients aren’t drained from the beets. It’s best to store your beets inside a bag, in the refrigerator. The roots are known to last as long as two weeks, the greens should be enjoyed in 3-5 days.

Beet Varieties

Aside from the commonly recognized red beets, there are also golden yellow and candy-cane striped beets. These are Chioggia beets—yes, originating from the same place as Chioggia raddichio! Golden yellow beets have a slightly mellower flavour than their red cousins, but all taste similarly sweet! Try each variety for yourself, which do you prefer?


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