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Heirloom TomatoesHow to select:

Heirloom tomatoes come in a wide range of colours and shapes: brown, purple, green, pink, yellow, orange, striped, and of course, red.  They come in different shapes and sizes as well: round, oval, ribbed, and squatty. Heirloom tomatoes also tend to feel softer than regular tomatoes but that doesn’t mean they are past their prime.  Feel them for some firmness and check to ensure they are free of bruises. Also give them a smell to enjoy that earthy tomato-y smell. They should be heavy for their size, as ripe tomatoes will have more water content.

How to store:

Store them at room temperature in an open basket if they’re ready to eat for up to a week, but if you want them to ripen faster, place them in a paper bag with an apple or an onion. Avoid storing tomatoes in a plastic bag or in the fridge as the cold causes them to turn mealy and they lose their delicious flavour!



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