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How to Select Kale:

Select kale with crisp and brightly coloured leaves.  Avoid kale that is browning, turning yellow, or limp.

There are several varieties of kale; the most common you’ll find is curly leafed kale and dinosaur kale. Curly kale is course, thick, has tightly curled tough leaves with a flavour that is slightly stronger than dinosaur kale. Dinosaur kale also called cavolo nero, black or Tuscan kale.  Its leaves are spear-like in shape with an embossed, pebbled-like surface.  Its flavour is slightly sweet and mild.

How to Store Kale:

When kale is stored tightly wrapped in a plastic bag in the refrigerator it can last for up to five days. Only wash kale just before you’re ready to use it, if kale is stored when it is slightly damp it will spoil faster.

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