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Summery Melon Ideas

It’s hard to beat the juicy refreshing taste of fresh melon. These sweet fruits are not only delicious, but they come in an array of beautiful colours as well, each with it a distinct perfume-like scent.

Types of Melons

Melons are large fruits with tough skins, juicy flesh and many seeds. Hundreds of melon varieties exist today, which all belong to the gourd family along with squash and pumpkins. However, the three main kinds found in Canada are Cantaloupe, Honeydew and Watermelon.

Cantaloupe: Did you know that the melons we refer to as cantaloupes here in Ontario are actually muskmelons? True cantaloupes are found in Europe and are not exported. Our cantaloupes have a sweet rich flavour and are extremely aromatic.

Honeydew: These melons are also members of the muskmelon family. They have a smooth yellow rind with juicy pale green flesh, and are sweet in flavour.

Watermelon: There are several varieties of watermelon, ranging from seeded and seedless to full size and miniature. Watermelons have crisp, juicy flesh that is extremely hydrating due to its high water content.

How to Enjoy Melon

While all melons are delicious on their own, they can also be enjoyed in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes.

·      Trying making a Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowl, with crunchy granola and toasted coconut.
·      Freeze honeydew puree into a delicious frozen treat that kids will love.
·      Add watermelon to recipes that call for raw tomatoes, like salsa.
·      Freeze melon cubes or balls and use instead of ice cubes to cool down drinks and add fruity flavour.
·      Make yourself a refreshing, low-calorie drink by infusing fresh melon into still or sparkling water.

There are so many great ways to enjoy melon, but to start you off we’ve got some summery and cheerful melon recipe ideas for you here!

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