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vegan egg-free dairy-free holiday hacks

Additional dietary considerations include lactose intolerances, egg-allergies, and ethical vegans; it can be daunting to accommodate what appears to be a very prohibitive range of foods. One of the most important things to remember when cooking for vegan guests is to be inclusive. There are plenty of ways to include vegan-friendly dishes that will serve and delight both omni and vegan diners.

When it comes to your big holiday dinner, most vegan guests would never expect you to scrap the turkey, roast or steak completely, but just making a salad for their main is not sufficient either so follow our tips and get creative. Thankfully, desserts are easy, there are PLENTY of veganized versions of holiday favourites.

Here are some easy, vegan holiday hacks:

  • Mashed potatoes can easily be made vegan: swap out butter and milk/cream for any vegan alternatives (i.e. vegan butter). You can also add other veggie purees to lighten the dish.
  • Make dinner rolls that will make everyone swoon. If you can’t find garlic scapes, you can swap in basil instead to make a basil pesto.
  • Holidays and Brussels sprouts are synonymous: our followers on Facebook were over the moon about this cauliflower and Brussels sprouts dish.
  • Make a side and a stuffing that are veg-friendly and delicious for everyone: stuffed pumpkins with wild rice stuffing are perfect for the winter season.
  • Desserts can easily be made vegan too! Pie crusts are easily made vegan by subbing in bricks of vegan butter and milk alternatives. Chocolate silk pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie—you name it, there’s a vegan version that’s just as easy and tasty.

People who are following plant-based diets, lactose-intolerant, or egg-intolerant are always extra appreciative when hosts go out of their way to accommodate them.

  • If you ever feel like stepping outside of traditional salads for the holidays, try this tangy Thai coleslaw or this warm Brussels sprouts salad.
  • Most desserts use eggs as a binder but can you believe that you can swap in pumpkin puree, beet puree, or even apple sauce instead?
  • Make a soup that everyone can enjoy—swap out the yogurt or cream for for a non-dairy alternative and use vegetable stock.
  • Roasting or pan-fried sides are already mostly vegan—simply use oil instead of butter. Sautéed greens, roasted radishes, roasted parsnips; veggie-loaded sides are the best part of a big dinner anyway!



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