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What does Lemon Goes Well With?

Lemon goes well with: capers, fish, garlic, shrimp, lobster, Mediterranean cuisine, basil, honey, coconut, chicken, ricotta and goat cheese as well as blueberries and blackberries.

Serving Suggestions:

Lemons can serve both decorative and culinary purposes. They are a popular flavour enhancer, and a good substitute for salt. They also prevent some fruits and vegetables from discolouring. Lemons add zest to soups and sauces, vegetables, cakes, custards, ice creams, and sorbets.

Lemon juice may replace vinegar in dressings and is also used to marinate and tenderize meat, poultry, fish, and game.

The zest of lemons can be grated or sliced and is available candied or dried. It is often used to flavour meats, sauces, and desserts.

what does lemon go well with


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