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Grapes Go Well With

Grapes Go Well With

Grapes are a great addition to almost any dish as they are so versatile in flavour. Below is a detailed list of different flavours that go well with grapes!

Produce: apples, arugula, bananas, blueberries, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, celery root, cucumbers, endive, fennel, figs, garlic, ginger, grapefruit, salad greens, jicama, lemon, lime, mango, melon, onion, orange, pear, raspberries, scallions, sprouts, strawberries, tomatoes, watercress, and watermelon

Dairy: all varieties of cheese (especially blue, Brie, cream, cheddar, feta, goat cheese, ricotta), mascarpone, milk, sour cream, and yogurt

Herbs & Spices: basil, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, garlic powder, ground ginger, mint, nutmeg, parsley, rosemary, star anise, and vanilla

Other: bulgur, chocolate, couscous, hazelnuts, honey, oil (olive oil, grapeseed oil, etc.), lentils, quinoa, rice (white rice, brown rice, wild rice, etc.), rum, vinegar, and wine