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Kalette goes well with

Kalettes are a brand new vegetable that naturally combine kale and brussel sprouts! This member of the cabbage family has a nutty, sweet flavour. For flavour combinations and what goes well with kalettes, check out our nifty infographic!

Savory: brown rice, soba, eggs, bacon, chicken, prosciutto, and sausage

Herbs & Spices: garlic, basil, curry powder, chilli pepper, oregano, Caesar dressing, and olive oil

Dairy: parmesan, feta cheese, goat cheese, and blue cheese

Produce: tomatoes, kale, lemon, green onions, shallots, onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, orange, apples, beets, carrots, and cucumbers

Serving Ideas

Kalettes are extremely versatile! You can roast them, grill them, sauté them; the possibilities are endless!

Try them baked into a quiche or cooked into an omelette. Their sweet and nutty flavour will add not only boost the nutrition levels but also add a wonderful texture.

Sauté them with a little olive oil and garlic to as a pretty side dish. For something a little more indulgent, cook them in bacon grease, after cooking some bacon for an extra savoury kick.

Add it to your usual stir-fry for more green goodness and texture.

Spice up your BBQ by adding these greens to your vegetable kebabs!