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What Goes Well With Rambutan?

Goes well with

Rambutan is typically enjoyed as a snack on its own, but you can combine rambutan with other tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, dragonfruit, mangosteen, orange, lime, kiwi, coconut, or papaya. Rambutan’s grapelike flavour also goes well with other fruits like pears, apples, cherries, or peaches.

Serving Ideas

Try rambutan in a cocktail with ginger, lime and rum! Pit the rambutan and muddle with lime, ginger, and rum or vodka. Strain and enjoy as a martini! Or you can turn it into a fizzy drink by mixing it with a lemon-lime soda like Sprite or 7-Up.

Serve rambutan in a fruit salad with the above mentioned tropical fruits, or serve it on a fruit platter at a party with half of the outer shell still intact for an interesting display.

We’re so intrigued by this savoury rambutan dish! Traditional Asian flavours from ground pork, peanuts, and garlic meld with the sweetness of rambutan.

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