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Why buy local


Locally grown food is simply delicious! We are fortunate to have access to imported food throughout the year, but Ontario grown produce travels a shorter distance to get from farm to table. Locally grown food may also have a higher nutrient value, since they are typically given more time to hit that peak ripeness before being harvested for people to buy at their farmer’s markets or grocery stores.

Supports Local Economy:

It’s not easy being a farmer! In order to keep up with demand and the growing practices of the industry, farmers must conduct proper research and invest in top of the line facilities and equipment to minimize food waste and ensure the best tasting produce! The more we support local farmers, the more we encourage them to continue developing sustainable facilities and practices to help Ontario grow!

Benefits the Environment:

Food that’s grown locally doesn’t need to travel as far to get to our grocery stores. This goes back to encouraging and supporting our local growers’ efforts in sustainable agriculture. Ontario also has fantastic greenhouse growers who make it a priority to make sure that their produce is grown efficiently with as little waste as possible, while producing delicious tasting fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy!

Builds Community:

Visiting local farms, farmer’s markets, and learning about growers through Produce Made Simple helps you connect with the people growing your food. This is a great opportunity to teach the growing generation about where food comes from and how. It gives children a better understanding of the world to know that food doesn’t simply show up in grocery stores. People have worked extremely hard to grow nutritious and beautiful produce!

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