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Winning Game Day Appetizers with Avocado

With the big game coming up, you need some winning game day appetizers to satisfy while you cheer on your favourite team or if sports aren’t your thing, then the ever-entertaining half-time show or the commercials. Everything is better with avocado, so we’ve gathered these epic game day appetizers with avocado. Make sure you buy your avocados at least a couple days in advance so you have time to let them ripen!

Whipped Guacamole Cucumber Bites

Whipped Guacamole Cucumber Bites

Fancy, healthy, and delicious. Your guests will think you’re a culinary superstar but nobody has to know that these are super easy to make. Recipe by our contributor, Amy Bronee.

Mean Green Vegan Nachos

Green Vegan Nachos

Nachos and Game Day go hand in hand, grab a chip, dip, and score in your mouth! Extra points for adding extra avocado because it’s always the best part. Recipe via hot for food.

Cucumber Avocado Rolls

IDTLC Cucumber Avocado Rolls

Check these out from our contributor It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken: super easy cucumber avocado rolls are easy to roll up and are healthy too! Eat your fruits and veggies!!

Puffin Pastries

Dish Tales Puffin Pasries

EASY TO MAKE and delicious because you have smoked salmon, Brie cheese, and avocado mousse with lime juice! Perfection! Recipe via Dish Tales.

Broccoli & Cheddar Potato Skins with Avocado Cream

Playing House Blog Broccoli Cheddar Potato Skins

These are like devilled eggs, but instead of eggs, you make them out of potatoes and top with bacon and avocado cream. Because avocado and bacon are a match made in heaven. Recipe via Playing House Blog.

Cucumber Avocado Hand Rolls

TVV Avocado Cucumber Hand Rolls

No need to spend a fortune on prepared sushi. Make these at home to eat and stuff with tons of what really makes sushi delicious: buttery avocado! Recipe via our contributor The Viet Vegan.

Easy Guacamole

Id Rather Be a Chef Easy Guacamole

Game day and guacamole both start with G, so clearly they’re made for each other. You can’t have Game Day without a classic, easy guac. Recipe from I’d Rather Be a Chef.

Avocado Fries

Blog Chef Avocado Fries

These need no explanation. Just make them. Recipe via Blog Chef.

Crispy Beef Tostada Bites

ISOY Crispy Beef Tostada Bites

Our contributor from In Search of Yummyness whipped up these super easy and tasty looking crispy beef tostada bites and topped them with a slice of avocado because avocado is delicious.

Mexican Layer Dip

Sometimes you just need a multilayered dip to scoop to your heart’s desire. Serve with tortilla chips, pita, or veggies! Find the full recipe here.

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