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This week of kiwi is sponsored by Zespri®, the world’s leader in premium kiwifruit!

Who better than Kiwis (otherwise known as New Zealanders) to have the expertise to grow the best kiwifruit?  Zespri® is grower owned and has been growing kiwifruit since the 1900’s, perfecting their craft to ensure they grow the best tasting kiwifruit.

Zespri’s passion for growing best tasting kiwi has inspired the development of their newest proprietary gold variety, SunGold Kiwifruit. This yellow kiwi with a smooth skin is sweeter than the traditional green variety and adds a fun and beautiful pop of golden colour to your plate! Learn more about Zespri® varieties on their website.

In addition to continually improving the quality and taste of their fruit, Zespri® growers collaborate to develop sustainable orchard best practices. Sustainability initiatives undertaken by innovative Zespri® growers include supporting native tree and wetland regeneration to attract birds and wildlife back into orchards as natural pest management controls. Also, all Zespri Kiwifruit is verified non-gmo.

Learn more about Zespri® online!

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