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Food platters are a great way to use up what you have in the fridge, especially for family use! If you don’t have enough of something to make a full meal, add it to a grazing board. Children and adults alike enjoy the variety and the opportunity to make their own plates. Make a small plate for your family or scale up for larger gatherings!

These top tips are courtesy of Betty Binon of Stems and Forks for Produce Made Simple!

A few tips:

  • Create balance with colour and shape blocking with groups of 3 or 5 items, placed in triangular patterns.
  • Place blocks of cheese near the edge of the board so they are easier to access. Place crackers or breads near the cheese for flow.
  • Cut food into pieces that are easy to nibble on without the need for a knife and fork. Mini greenhouse tomatoes and peppers are a pretty and colourful choice that need virtually no preparation.
  • Smaller pieces = smaller bites. This reduces any need to double dip!
  • Provide a selection of dips and chutneys to suit a variety of palettes and to accentuate what is in season; tzatziki is made with fresh cucumbers, chutneys can be made with apples, pears, or softer peaches and plums. Have you ever tried watermelon rind pickles? Why waste food when it can be made into something interesting and delicious?
  • For parties or larger gatherings, I recommend offering three different cheese options including one soft like brie or Camembert, one aged like Cheddar or Gouda, and one blue. For a larger party, you could also add a firm cheese like Manchego or Parmigiano-Reggiano.
  • Provide a separate knife for each cheese, and a little spoon for each dip or condiment.

Photo Shared Courtesy of Stems and Forks

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